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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a complete set of multiplatform and multidevice videogames published worldwide and to help developers of racing and motorsport related titles access the great market via our channels thanks to our expertise.


Motorsport Gaming is a leading developer and publisher of cross-platform and cross-device games about racing and motor-sports based in Rome, Italy. The company is headquartered in the LuissEnLabs startup accelerator offices, and is backed by investors.

Our history

The company was born in May 2011 as Interactive Project, following the launch of its first game MyGPTeam Career. This title was developed as a university project by its founder Matteo Palumbo. The game was successful and convinced investors to support the project. From a one man team to a full core team size of nine young passionate developers a number of commercial and B2B titles were released over the course of 5 years.

In the Summer of 2016 the company was acquired by the and changed it’s name to Motorsport Gaming, becoming Motorsport Network gaming business unit.

Awards & Recognition

MyGPTeam Turbo selected finalist projects Game Connection America 2014.

San Francisco (California), 17 March, 2014.

OverVolt selected among AppCampus projects.

Espoo (Finland), 2014.

Games portfolio

Many titles compose the commercial portfolio of the company, all in-house developed, and display a great level of success in terms of user acceptance, interactions and awards received. MyGPTeam Turbo was nominated among Selected Project Finalist at San Francisco Game Connection America 2014 while Interactive Project’s Overvolt: crazy slot cars! received a grant from Microsoft and Nokia through their programme AppCampus managed in partnership with Aalto University.

Selected Articles

“OverVolt: crazy slot cars” comes to Windows Phone before iOS and Android — and it rocks!

— Mark Guim, WPCentral.

Top 10 new windows phone games of june.

— Anna Kurkijärvi, Nokia Conversations.

“MyGPTeam Turbo”, ai box dallo smartphone.

— Silvia Bonaventura, Repubblica Motori.

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